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Bonnie Tyler’s “It’s A Heartache”: Tyler’s Best-Selling Single



Bonnie Tyler’s “It’s A Heartache”: Tyler's Best-Selling Single 1

“Oh, it’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache, hits you when it’s too late, hits you when you’re down.”

You’ll probably remember this song through the lyrics. Also, the melody of the song is ear-catching with its rock and jivey tune. Listen to “It’s a Heartache” for it will remind you Bonnie Tyler.

Furthermore, the song is Tyler’s best-selling singles of all time when it was released in 1977. Indeed, one of Tyler’s signature songs.

The Song…

“It’s a Heartache” is a song included on Tyler’s second studio album “Natural Force.” Juice Newton in the same year then recorded it. It was written by Ronnie Scott and Steve Wolfe and was produced by David Mackay.

Tyler’s version received constructive reviews from music critics and enthusiasts. “It’s a Heartache” reached top ten in both the U.S. and United Kingdom. It reached a total of 6 million copies sold. Tyler’s version is one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Moreover, Tyler re-recorded the song numerous times with French singer Kareen Antonn in 2004.

Covers And Renditions…

Since its release in 1977, the song has been covered several times by various artists of different genres. It was performed on the 1978 live album by David Johansen of the New York Dolls “The David Johansen Group Live.”

In 1981, Country rock group Dave and Sugar released a cover. In fact, it reached No.32 on the country charts.

Also, Trick Pony covered it on their album “R.I.D.E.” and released their version in 2005 which topped the country charts.

Then, a version of the song was covered on Arab Strap’s “Ten Years of Tears.”

Gene Pitney recorded a version on his 2003 album “Blue Angel,” the Bronze Sessions.

Rod Stewart has been covering the song live since recording it on his 2006 album “Still the Same: Great Rock Classics of Our Time.”

The Lyrics…

It’s a heartache

Nothing but a heartache

Hits you when it’s too late

Hits you when you’re down

It’s a fool’s game

Nothing but a fool’s game

Standing in the cold rain

Feeling like a clown

It’s a heartache

Nothing but a heartache

Love him ’til your arms break

Then he lets you down

It ain’t right with love to share

When you find he doesn’t care for you

It ain’t wise to need someone

As much as I depended on you

Oh, it’s a heartache

Nothing but a heartache

Hits you when it’s too late

Hits you when you’re down

It’s a fool’s game

Nothing but a fool’s game

Standing in the cold rain

Feeling like a clown

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