April 23

Bobby Bare’s Song: When No One Loves Us Remember Jesus Does

bobby bare Jesus is the only one who loves us

No matter what we do, we always end up doing something bad. We hurt ourselves, we hurt other people around us. As hard as they or we try, we sometimes cannot forgive people we love when they did something bad. But, as said in the bible we should forgive people who hurt us, just like Jesus did. Jesus forgives people no matter how many times they have sinned. Isn’t it difficult to do that? It’s not that easy to forgive someone.

Bobby Bare, The Singer

Bobby Bare, a country singer and songwriter who is well-known for his songs “Detroit City” and “500 Miles” wrote and performed the song “Jesus is the Only One that Loves Us” in 1971. It was also co-written by another country singer, Billy Joe Shaver.

The Song’s Content

The song reminds us that we have a companion by our side, even if we seem to think that we don’t have any friends. A lot of people think that when they committed something wrong, they are not worthy of forgiveness or pardon, or anything at all. That is because we think that forgiveness must come from other people only. However, true forgiveness comes only from God. Whether you choose to believe it or not. Jesus doesn’t care what we ever did. He doesn’t care if we did it a lot of times. Jesus only cares that we realize He will forgive us. Jesus only wants us to change and accept Him into our hearts.

Perhaps we should also learn to forgive people. It’s difficult, I know because I too find the idea of it uncomfortable but, forgiveness brings us peace. Because when we forgive, we let go, and if we let go, nothing bothers our soul. If you feel you can’t forgive someone or you feel that you can’t be forgiven remember, Jesus is the only one that loves us and will forgive us. All we have to do is ask Him.


billy joe shaver, bobby bare, Jesus is the only one that loves us

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