June 28

Bobby Bare Jr.’s Country-influenced Indie Rock Music

Bobby Bare Jr.'s Country-influenced Indie Rock Music 1
Bobby Bare Jr. (image from www.clevescene.com)

Bobby Bare Jr. may have begun his musical journey with the legendary country singer, Bobby Bare, but he has his own style of witty but deeply personal country-influenced indie rock. He has carved out a respectable niche with music that falls somewhere between hard rock, roots rock, and alternative country. And today, we celebrate another year that opens in his life!

Bobby Bare Jr. was born on June 28, 1966, in Nashville Tennessee. He grew up with country songs on their background, especially his father’s hits. As most of us know, his dad Bobby Bare has placed a couple of songs on the chart that includes “Detriot City,” “500 Miles,” and “Streets of Baltimore.”

Bobby’s family lived near just outside Nashville in Hendersonville, Tennessee, where their neighbors were George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

Musical journey

Bobby Bare Jr.'s Country-influenced Indie Rock Music 2
image from Youtube

“Daddy, What If” was Bobby Jr’s first song recorded in 1974.  Written by Shel Silverstein, it’s a tune that imagined a conversation between a father and son. The song immediately became a hit and garnered a Grammy award. The young Bobby Jr. has then become a regular performer on his father’s concerts.

Though he finished a degree in psychology at the University of Tennessee, his goal was to “avoid working a real job at any cost.” He pursued his musical inclination and began playing out and writing songs. In the mid-90’s he formed a rock band called Bare Jr. The band was then offered contracts with Immortal Records and Lost Highway. They have released two major label records, the 1998’s Boo-Tay and 2000’s Brainwasher.

As a solo artist

Bobby Jr. started his solo career in 2010. He regularly performs in-house concerts. A January 2008 storm in Nashville that injured his mother inspired his first self-released album, Storm — A Tree — My Mother’s Head. Another song on the album, “The Sky Is the Ground,” is about a bicycle accident his son had when he was two.

Many of Bobby Jr’s songs incorporate a lot of humor and references to pop culture. Influenced by Shel Silverstein, his writing has been described as “inventive and melodic.” He describes the process as writing poems and turning them into songs.

Again, Country Thang Daily extends the warmest greetings to Bobby Bare Jr. on this special day in his life!

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