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“Blue Train (of the Heartbreak Line)” is Heavy with Blues

“Blue Train (of the Heartbreak Line)” is Heavy with Blues 1                     Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

When it’s your first time to encounter the song title Blue Train (of the Heartbreak Line),” you might understand it in a literal sense – a train painted with blue color. But that’s not the real case. Although the “blue train” is described exactly as what a train is, the vehicle is actually used metaphorically. Taking a closer look at the lyrics, we’ll find a narrator voicing out his sentiments. A depressed fellow, who was left by his lady for another man, tries to associate his misery with a train. Hence, the title of the song. Everything about the train is colored blue – its light, smoke, steam, and wheels. Moreover, the route which the transportation passes through was called “heartbreak line” which again relates to the man’s crushed heart.

“Blue Train (of the Heartbreak Line)” is the title track of John D. Loudermilk’s album entitled Blue Train. The prominent Nashville songwriter penned and recorded the song for more than two years. In particular, the actual recording of the song took place from March 23, 1961, up to October 24, 1963. The single dropped off the following year.

Brief Album and Songwriter Review

According to the review of the album provided by AllMusic, the record has produced some tracks that were only minor hits. In spite of this, the songwriter received high commendations for his songwriting and interpretation skills. Although his exceptional classical guitar playing ability made a perfect fitting for his remarkable vocals. Brilliant songwriting enthusiasts or those who are fond of old-fashioned pop and country song will certainly love “Blue Train.”

Listen to Loudermilk’s recording of the song below.

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