September 15

Martina McBride, Elvis Presley’s Surreal “Blue Christmas” Duet

First stop is to see this digital marvel of Martina McBride joining Elvis Presley for a jaw-dropping performance. It feels like you’re on a time machine bound for the ‘60s.

To the Elvis fans, hope you won’t start hating Martina for this. This is no propaganda to capitalize on Elvis’ iconic success. She’s a very talented lady and a successful Country singer. Her songs charted well for years and she had received multiple awards. Therefore, she has no ax to grind here. Simply, the duet was meant to be a tribute to a music artist to another Great singer in the history. Additionally, Martina’s Dad, Daryl Schiff happens to love Elvis Presley and his songs particularly “Blue Christmas.”

So please, let us extinguish hate and put aside nitpicking. Let us just enjoy this very entertaining team up of our two beloved singers, shall we?


The original footage was filmed in 1968 for a Christmas special. It took Martina and the whole technical crew four weeks to be able to put up the video. The result was pretty amazing!

And here’s a live, on-stage version shown on Good Morning America.


Martina McBride’s duet with the Rock and Roll King was just one among others for a Christmas Special album back in 2008. In the same manner, several female singers also performed along with Elvis. They were Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes, Wynonna Judd, Sara Evans, Anne Murray and Olivia Newton-John.


It’s a tale of one pining away on a holiday for a love that is not reciprocated. Ernest Tubb first recorded the song in 1950 followed by Elvis Presley in 1954, but not as a single until 1964. Rumor has it that Elvis thought it “dumb” and not worth releasing, a comment overheard by one female backup singer named Millie Kirkham. Funny, because it became a hit in the UK that same year.


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