May 11

Indeed, The Utmost Rendition Of “Blue Bayou” By Alisan Porter

Alisan Porter

Around the world, singing competitions are prevalent these days. It’s where next big stars are born and where the following people movers are discovered. These competition stages are where the dreamers showcase their God-given talents. Furthermore, these platforms include American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice. With this, we get to witness the world’s most magnificent. We also get to appreciate the contenders give their renditions of the classic songs we miss hearing.

In 2016, Alisan Porter, a former child star, auditioned at “The Voice” wherein she gave full justice to one of the best songs ever penned “Blue Bayou.” Her rendition wowed the crowd especially the judges. Due to her unbelievable performance, she got the four chair approval.

Lend your ears, folks, for this version of Alisan Porter of “Blue Bayou” will surely knock off your feet. She nailed it. And for us country music obsessives, I’m pretty sure you’d like to hear this over and over again. Moreover, it will remind us the days of the 1960s and 1970s and of course the one and only Linda Ronstadt as well as Roy Orbison.

The Song…

Roy Orbison and Joe Melson are the songwriters behind “Blue Bayou.” Primarily, the song was recorded by Orbison in 1973. Then, it became Linda Ronstadt signature song in 1977. Fortunately, “Blue Bayou” by Ronstadt placed at No.2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It can be said then that this was the most successful single for Ronstadt.

Furthermore, various artists covered the song, too. The utmost cover in the 2000s was from Alisan Porter.

Alisan Porter…

Porter was a former child actress. She appeared in the movies such as “Parenthood,” “Stella,” and “I Love You To Death.” Her biggest break was when she starred in “Curly Sue.” After that, she stopped and didn’t pursue her acting career.

Alisan Porter "Curly Sue"

Until she joined The Voice in 2016 wherein, she got to join Christina Aguilera’s team. Her extreme contender was Billy Gilman, a former child country star. She was then declared the “winner” of Season 10: The Voice.

Moreover, Alisan Porter sings pop, rock and of course country. But her voice definitely fits the country sound.

Additionally, you’ll need to finish the video for Alisan Porter’s story is something you can relate to. She has a story that can truly melt your hearts and lead you to your realization.

Below is the full studio version of the song by Alisan Porter.

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