December 10

The Blind Boys of Alabama Brings a Unique Spin to “Amazing Grace”

“Amazing Grace”

There might not be as creative or as powerful of a rendition of the classic “Amazing Grace” like how The Blind Boys of Alabama sang it. They deliver the tenacity and strength of the song in a dramatic. And yet, it is an equally effective way that tantalizes all onlookers and listeners. The rendition is played according to the musical styling of another song entitled “The Rising Sun Blues.” And the marriage of the two songs is one of the most spectacular things that I have ever listened to.

In a career that spans decades, The Blind Boys of Alabama has a unique style of Gospel singing that is so sentimental; it would feel like they are actually touching your soul with their songs.

Listen to the powerful rendition right here!

Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys of Alabama is a Grammy Award-winning gospel group who first got together in 1939. Their career has spanned for a whopping seven decades and has a very extensive repertory of songs under their belts.

The Blind Boys of Alabama sing mainly spiritually uplifting songs, as well as encouraging those with disabilities. Blind group member Ricky McKinnie said “Our disability doesn’t have to be a handicap. It’s not about what you can’t do. It’s about what you do. And what we do is sing good gospel music.”

Here is a small excerpt from their website on how the boys describe themselves. This song entirely capitulates who they are and what they have done for decades:

“In the seven decades since the Blind Boys of Alabama first began singing together, America has witnessed a World War, the civil rights movement, and the Summer of Love; the moon landing, Vietnam, and the fall of the Berlin Wall; JFK, MLK, and Malcolm X; the invention of the jukebox, the atomic bomb, and the internet. Through it all, the Blind Boys’ music has not only endured, but thrived, helping both to define the sound of the American south and to push it forward through the 20th century and well on into the 21st.”


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