August 23

The Blind Boys of Alabama on their Career

Grammy Award winner Blind Boys of Alabama dished about their decade-long career, their artistry as a gospel singer and how it changed the course of their lives.

Blind Boys of Alabama, Beginnings

“When the Blind Boys started out, we weren’t expecting anything or looking for any accolades. The only thing we wanted to do was to sing Gospel Music. After we got out there, and people began to recognize us, our first big highlight was the first Grammy, and then going to the White House.

That was a good plateau reached, and then winning the Lifetime Achievement Award. God has been good to us, and we just want to thank him by keeping on going. We don’t know what God has in store for us, but whatever it is, we are ready for it.”

Those were the exact words of Jimmy Carter to Billboard when asked about the humble beginnings of the group.

Indeed, The Blind Boys of Alabama are country music’s premiere all men band that put Gospel genre in the spotlight as well as giving a proper representation of visually challenged people and people of color. They inspired everyone by showing that everyone can show their talents despite physical challenges that may hinder them.

Speaking on their behalf, Blind Boys manager Charles Driebe talked about how the Blind Boys of Alabama changed the face of Gospel artistry:

“These men were raised as blind, African-American males in the Deep South during the Jim Crow years, and they were sent to a school where the expectation for them was to one day make brooms or mops for a living,

But they’ve transcended all that. The arc of their lives and of the band reflects the arc of a lot of changes in American society, and we wanted to find a way to capture their experiences in songs.”

The group released a new gospel album called ‘Almost Home’ featuring their best yet.

H/T: Billboard 


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