December 19

An Uplifting Gospel Song: “Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand”

This “Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand states our dependence on Christ. We ought to remember that there is nothing we could do at our best apart from him. That is, besides his daily providence and given divine protection.

And here we have a retired, itinerant musician in a solo act of playing three types of instruments while doing three-part voices.

“Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand” by Bird Youmans


 Bird Youmans is a preacher’s kid who is a musician by both trade and passion. Raised a Baptist, we can deduce that the church was his first musical molding. As a young man in the 1960’s though, his skill revolves around the rock and roll genre. Over time, he became fascinated with country music. As he gained more experience and wisdom, he saw the value of playing Gospel music. Now, he is happy to get back to his musical roots.

He has released several Gospel CDs and should you want to buy some, you can check it at



Written by the same Oklahoman native behind that classic and favorite gospel song, “I’ll Fly Away.” Albert E. Brumley wrote over 800 songs in his lifetime. He was inducted into the Country Song Writer’s Hall of Fame in 1970.

Back to the “Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand,” we could say it was the product of a versatile spirit. Mr. Brumley’s life has weathered various hardships from the years of World War I and through the Great Depression. He could have channeled all his energy for doubts, concerns, and worries into productive use by writing as many songs as he can. Instead of looking within himself, he opted to give Jesus the credit by presenting him as the friend and helper who daily walks with him. He could have believed that Jesus was responsible for getting him through a hard life.



Bird Youmans, bluegrass, gospel

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