January 11

BLAKE SHELTON’s “I’ll Name the Dogs”: An Endearing Story of LOVE

HOWDY Y’ALL! Shore hope your day is as great as mine and I pray y’all are safe and well.

“…I shore love ‘em girls to death!”

HOW MANY OF YOU FOLKS are into dawgs? Well, I am. I am so into ‘em as a matter of fact. Well… I’ve gotten into quite a few of ‘em little word exchanges here and there (if that shows how into ’em I am). Hehehe… Hey, could you blame a fella who lives alone with just his dawg (Sofia) and two cats, (Wisdom and Faith)? Man, I shore love ‘em girls to death! ‘Guess you could blame Blake Shelton for putting in lyrics ‘bout namin’ babies and namin’ dawgs for instigatin’ my own dawg story. Hahaha…


“…so down-to-earth-honest and beautifully crafted.”

BLAKE SHELTON’s I’LL NAME THE DAWGS’ is just so down-to-earth-honest and beautifully crafted. With them words finely put together coupled with such an endearing music video that showcases a love enduring. Yep, Father Time could be such a testy-friggin’-customer—playing us all—at times (pardon the pun). But some things do endure and stand the test of-, like in this case—LOVE.

“…an unexpected flourish… … to a very uncanny turn of events.”

 IN A PLEASANT SORT OF WAY, I’ll Name the Dogs surprises us all. With an unexpected flourish, the opening scenes to a wedding shifts—nearing the end—to a very uncanny turn of events.

“you ain’t gonna get tired watchin’ this video over and over…”

DUNNO IF YOU’VE SEEN THE VIDEO or have yet to see it but here is a treat. If you (like me) are the sentimental kind of folk, I assure you— you ain’t gonna get tired watchin’ this video over and over…

‘HOPE YOU ENJOYED listening to Blake’s song and watching the video as well as I did and, as ALWAYS,



Blake Shelton, i'll name the dogs

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