April 16

Blake Shelton Impresses Fans with “God’s Country” Music Video


The much-awaited full version of Blake Shelton’s song entitled “God’s Country” has finally dropped last March 29, and fans just couldn’t get over it. They resorted to social media to express their fondness toward the song which leaves an impression that such was a divine masterpiece.

Prior to its official release, the “Austin” singer dropped a teaser of the song. Hearing just a few notes of it, fans were already hooked and they couldn’t wait for the full version to be out. That alone was a strong indication of the song being something special.

Blake Shelton, God's Country
Photo credit: Blake Shelton/Official Facebook Page

“God’s Country” Earns Fans Praises  

There has been an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans for Shelton’s new single on the social media. They praised both the song and his performance noting that it was a standout country tune to ever hit the airwaves in years. Shelton performed the song live for the first at the ACM Awards last April 7, gaining more acclamations from fans. The audience was completely left in awe after watching Shelton’s impressive delivery.

The Fiery Music Video of Shelton’s Single

Shelton specifically chose his hometown in Oklahoma to be the setting of the clip. It features the singer adventuring in his home state. He described to CMT how the video was shot in Oklahoma and how proud he is to be part of the place.

“We spent four days shooting there, in and around Tishomingo, getting connected to the land, the environment and the spirit of the music. As I’ve said before, I was born in Oklahoma and I’ll be buried there.”

In the music video, Shelton is seen doing what a normal guy who lives in that place would usually do. He chops woods, drives his truck through wooded landscapes, and then stops to cool himself off in the water.

The film features black and white scenes that were shot during the distressing period of the Dust Bowl. This part of the video shows the two sides of “God’s Country,” beauty, and wrath, which people have to experience based on their actions toward the land they live in.

In a nutshell, the music video for “God’s Country” is a certified divine masterpiece. It was the result of how the spectacular images beautifully combined with the singer’s ardent performance.

Watch the chilling official music video for “God’s Country” below.


Blake Shelt, God's Country, New Music Video

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