October 2

The Voice Coach Blake Shelton Offered Luke Bryan An Advice

The Voice Coach Blake Shelton Offered Luke Bryan An Advice 1

Country star Luke Bryan is set to join the judges’ table of the ABC revival of the hit Fox talent competition when it returns to screen next year, and his close friend Blake (who judges the rival show ‘The Voice’) has admitted that he offered Luke Bryan his advice before he accepted the role and joked that the show bosses would be “p***ed” with the pay cheque he told Luke to ask for.

“I don’t know that he asked for my advice, but we had a lot of conversations about him joining ‘Idol’ and, I guess in a way, I gave him my thoughts on it and about how I felt about it on behalf of him,” Shelton said.

“I’m sure the executives at ABC are really p***ed at me right now for what they probably had to pay him to get him on that show. But good for you, Luke! Stick it to ’em!?”I mean, Luke Bryan is not cheap. He looks it, but he’s not.” Shelton added

The 41-year-old country singer, Bryan was reportedly offered $13 million to appear on the show.

Shelton also joked that viewers will be able to see how “dumb” the ‘Kick the Dust Up’ hitmaker is when he’s put on the spot on live television, but added that the star is also a “great dude”.

“I think people are going to realize just how dumb he really is when they see him on national television, in an environment where there’s no script. But you’re also gonna see what a great, great, dude that guy is. I love Luke like a brother, I really do, but he’s just dumb,” Shelton teased in an interview.

Luke Bryan will be joining the judging panel alongside ‘Hello’ hitmaker Lionel Richie and pop megastar Katy Perry when the show returns in 2018.


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