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Move and Groove to Blaine Larsen’s “I Don’t Know What She Said”


Move and Groove to Blaine Larsen’s “I Don’t Know What She Said” 1
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“I Don’t Know What She Said” gives a little jivey tune for a country song. It will, without doubt, make you move and groove once it hits your eardrums. Also, it is one of Blaine Larsen’s songs that can make you feel good. With this, wiggle your body as you listen to the song.

Besides “I Don’t Know What She Said,” Blaine Larsen has other two top charting singles such as “How Do You Get That Lonely” and “The Best Man.”

I Don’t Know What She Said…

Kent Blazy, Coy Batten, and Lane Turner pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “I Don’t Know What She Said.” Blaine Larsen recorded and released the song on March 4, 2006. The song then placed at number twenty-four on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. On the other hand, the song was part of his album “Rockin’ You Tonight.” The same album also includes his single “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me.”

A Bit about Blaine Larsen…

Move and Groove to Blaine Larsen’s “I Don’t Know What She Said” 2
Photo Credit: www.last.fm

Blaine Larsen started his career at a very young age. He began recording when he was fifteen. He recorded his debut album “In My High School” under Giantslayer Records. Then, the album was re-issued in 2005 with the name “Off to Join the World” under BNA Records. In 2006, Blaine Larsen released his second album “Rockin’ You Tonight.”

Move and Groove to Blaine Larsen’s “I Don’t Know What She Said” 3
Photo Credit: www.last.fm

Furthermore, Blaine Larsen was born on February 2, 1986, in Tacoma, Washington. At the age of five, his parents’ divorce led his mother, sister, and him to move to Buckley, Washington. His mother, later on, got married again. Blaine Larsen didn’t take any singing lessons. However, his stepfather encouraged him to sing and learn to play the guitar.

Above all, Blaine Larsen became the ambassador for Compassion International in 2010.

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Blaine Larsen, I Don't Know What She Said

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