January 17

BlackHawk Leads Us Aboard on the “Ships of Heaven”

Losing someone we love is one of the greatest pain we can ever go thru. It’s the kind of pain that marks a scar in our heart and pinch our vulnerability once in a while.

Although many of us are able to speak frankly about death, we still have a lot to learn about dealing wisely with its aftermath: grief, the natural reaction to loss of a loved one.

Relatively few of us know what to say or do that can be truly helpful to a relative, friend or acquaintance who is grieving. In fact, relatively few who have suffered a painful loss know how to be most helpful to themselves.

When it’s time to sail…

“Ships of Heaven”, written by guitarist Van Stephenson, centers around a person who is dying but has lived a full life and therefore does not want his loved ones to “cry for” him when he is gone. He reflects on the love he has experienced in life and explains that it was strongest in the end and that now he will sail “on the ships of heaven” and wait to see his loved ones in the future.

I’ll be sailing on the ships of heaven
When the tide rolls out for the last time
You’ll find me sailing on the ships of heaven
Waiting for the day I come sailing back to you

They who sailed…

Time and I again, I keep on remembering my late uncle. He didn’t have a family when he was living that’s why I was fortunate enough to receive the fullness of his fatherly love. He suffered from a complicated ailment and spent his last days in the hospital.

Those last hours in his life have always been fresh in my mind and heart that I still drown in tears during my recollections. In fact, while I am writing this down, streams of tears drop with the words in this page.

I clearly remember how he gave his remaining strength to stretch out his hand unto my face as he sang his favorite song. Those few minutes were just the most painful thing to remember in my life so far.

Love while you live

But ya know that in the end
Our love was stronger when we began
No unforgiven sins and no regrets
Just the times of our lives we will never forget

Love will always be the best potion against all kinds of pessimism. There will be chances where you will be hurt, disappointed, or even taken for granted. But as long as you did things for love, you will always be the winner in the end. Love is an experience you will never regret you ever choose.

Love, I believe, is the ticket to board the SHIPS OF HEAVEN…

BlackHawk Leads Us Aboard on the "Ships of Heaven" 1



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