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The Tale of “B.J. the DJ” from Stonewall Jackson’s Vocals

The Tale of "B.J. the DJ" from Stonewall Jackson's Vocals 1

Following the success of his first No. 1 single in 1958, “Waterloo,” Stonewall Jackson released his second and final major hit after five years. Penned by another county singer-songwriter Hugh X. Lewis, the song was entitled “B.J. the DJ.” It was released in November 1963. Three months later, the song hit the top spot of Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in February 1964. Its reign on the chart’s top 40 lasted for 22 weeks.  

The Tale of B.J. the DJ

Categorized under youth tragedy song, “B.J. the DJ” is a story of a real-life friend of Stonewall Jackson who encountered a car accident and eventually died. B.J. worked as a disc jockey near Georgia Line. His skills aptly applied in his job earned him the community’s respect. Likewise, he was able to establish a good relationship with the public for playing the music that soothes their ears. Apart from serving as a DJ, B.J. also worked multiple jobs at local record hops. His being a workaholic left him lacking sleep. His mother became more concerned about this as she knew her son’s health is being compromised. This is not to mention that he’s driving an old, poorly maintained automobile and he is a reckless driver. Hence, he’s really at risk of meeting an accident anytime.

Despite his mother’s warnings though, the young man continued with his lifestyle, until that one fateful day. As he was driving to work one rainy morning, B.J. loses control of his car when he misses a sharp curve. Driving at a speed of 90 miles per hour, he crashed into a dike and got killed on the spot. Eventually, what his mother fears the worst came true when the police confirmed his death. His fate may not be that joyous but his story became his friend’s inspiration for writing his next successful song. Wherever B.J. is now, he might as well be smiling each time people play this song about him.

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Hugh Lewis, Stonewall Jackson

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