July 30

Happy Birthday to a Country’s Famous Baritone, Neal McCoy!

Happy Birthday to a Country's Famous Baritone, Neal McCoy! 1
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Have you bought your tickets for Neal McCoy‘s upcoming concerts in your area yet? Well, if you haven’t, better secure a seat now while there are still available ones. We know the singer is busy on the road at this time, but he’ll certainly be celebrating his 60th birthday today with his family. And most probably, he is considering his scheduled multiple tour shows as a fantastic birthday present to his fans and supporters. Well, make sure not to forget sending him your birthday greetings and wishes, too.

Born Hubert Neal McGaughey, Jr. on July 30, 1958, Neal McCoy came from a family of musicians. His Irish father and Filipino mother exposed him to various types of music while growing up including the country music genre. His actual involvement in music began when he joined singing with a church choir. When he’s developed a baritone voice, singing with an R&B group came to his mind. But McCoy’s fondness toward country music urged him to come back to his roots. Soon, he began performing in various clubs and bars across Texas. In 1981, two important events took place in McCoy’s life. First, he got married to Melinda with whom he has two children. Secondly, he won a talent competition allowing him to meet Charley Pride and subsequently began touring with him.

His Musical Journey

He first signed with 16th Avenue Records in 1988. Under the now-defunct label, McCoy released two singles but didn’t reach any feat. Two years later, the singer moved to Atlantic Records where he produced two albums. Perhaps, McCoy has not reached his shining moment yet as both albums of his didn’t perform well. Despite not achieving significant commercial success, McCoy continued performing. Also, he maintained his role as an opening act for Pride. Eventually, McCoy has established a reputation for his energetic and gliding presence on stage.

Finally, in 1994, McCoy’s career breakthrough came. His album No Doubt About It made up pretty well for the unsuccessful fate of his previous releases. Accordingly, the album went platinum and spawned two top singles. The album’s title track  “No Doubt About It” was McCoy’s first No. 1 country song. This was preceded by the song, Wink.” The follow-up album You Gotta Love That was equally successful becoming platinum certified and produced three Top 5 hits.

The succeeding years didn’t see McCoy’s success on the same level. Perhaps, his brightness has temporarily been dimmed. In 2000, his record label seized operation. Although he managed to transfer to Giant Records that same year, the company has likewise shut down soon after. He then moved to Warner Bros. Records and released The Luckiest Man in the World. Due to the consecutive closing of McCoy’s previous record labels, he wanted to make sure he won’t experience the same things again in the future. Hence, in 2005, he and his manager Karen Kane put up an independent label, the 903 Music. After producing two albums which likewise delivered three charting singles, the company went bankrupt and eventually closed in 2007.

After taking some time off from recording, McCoy made a come back in 2011 and released his twelfth album under Blaster Music. His last album to date was a tribute to Charlie Pride which he released in 2013. At present, McCoy has not released any new record yet. Despite the tough and unfortunate events that he faced, the singer continues to perform live. And it’s pretty clear that nothing could stop him from singing. He is such an idol!

To celebrate with Neal McCoy, let’s listen once again to his first top country song, “No Doubt About It” below.


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