January 8

Happy Birthday to the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley

Do you still remember the trends during your time? Like the fashion or music that most of the people patronize. Hence, were you born in the ’30s? What were the memorable trends that you had back then? How about the trends in the ’50s? Do you still have that clear picture of what was the clothes you’re wearing? The reason that I asked is because the artist that I will feature today is not just an ordinary singer. He is a trend setter, plus it’s his birthday today. Guys, I hope you did not forget Elvis Presley.

The Most Iconic Super Star of All Time

This icon popularized the hits “Hound Dog,” “Don’t be Cruel,” and “Love Me Tender.” Anyway, he was the pride of Mississippi. However, it’s just sad that he died at the age of 42, at the height of his career. Further, due to his iconic vocals, this artist was considered as the best-selling solo artist in history. Throughout his career, he won 3 Grammys and a Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36. Wow! There is no wonder he is regarded as the King of Rock n Roll. I hope that you still remember Elvis Presley.

Happy Birthday to the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley 1
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley Official Home Page

Do you know what’s the date today? Well, it’s January 8, and guess what? It’s the special day of Elvis Presley. Hence, if he were still alive today, he would have been 84 years old. Also, he might have still rocked the music industry with his artistry.

Reminiscing One of His Hits

This song is one of the most favorite hits of all time and it was released in 1957. Also, due the songs popularity, it dominated the charts not only in the U.S. but also overseas. I hope that you are familiar with his hit “Jailhouse Rock,” which was also covered by famous groups like The Beatles and Queen. Let’s go ahead and enjoy the legacy that Elvis Presley left us, once again, happy birthday!



Elvis Presley

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