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Billy Ray Cyrus Definitely Knows “Words by Heart”


I know the words by heart I know every line
From this ain’t easy for you’ll get along just fine
I know every comma every question mark
No I don’t have to look I know the words by heart

Billy Ray Cyrus comes along with his all-time favorite line dance track, “Achy Breaky Heart.” He became an instant mega star upon the release of the song. His contemporary approach towards country music have gained attention from the viewers in a positive and negative way. It was in the year 1992 that he finally made it through the lime light after few years of dedication and perseverance to share his talent and skills. Though “Achy Breaky Heart” became a monster hit, he was unable to attain the same success after the later years after the song’s release.

Cyrus did not lose hope. He continued to record and release songs. He has a total of 14 studio albums since the time he kicked off. To remember, his singing career started back in 1980’s with his band called the Sly Dog, which is named after his favorite pet. He later signed a contract with Mercury Nashville Records and started singing in a wider stage, and larger audience. Aiming for brighter career, he moved to Los Angeles hoping to catch some recording contracts. During these times, he experienced financial struggles. One time, he had to sleep in his neighbor’s car because he can’t afford to pay for an inn. Until his hard work paid off. He signed a contract with PolyGram also known as Mercury Records in 1990. He did an opening act for Reba McEntire’s concert in 1990. Expanding his career, he also branched to acting. he appeared on shows that include Hannah Montana, doc, and Still the King. and though he enjoyed acting and the stuff, he will always go back to his first love which is country music.

Words by Heart

Billy Cyrus then became a country icon with his songs having versatility in their themes. “Words by Heart” is one of the poignant songs that expresses his thought as a man. The song’s story line talks about a man who goes to his parent’s house to pack up his things. He then finds his letter man’s jacket that contains the break up letter from his then girlfriend. Thoughts about the past relationship went back to his memory, most especially how his first love was like.

The track was officially released in January 1994 as the third single from his platinum-selling second album, It Won’t be the Last. It successfully peaked number twelve on the Billboard Hot Country Singles which is now called Hot Country Songs chart. Also, it peaked number nineteen on the U.S. Bubbling Under Hot 100 Chart. In Canada, it reached number fourteen on the charts.

Billy Ray Cyrus Definitely Knows “Words by Heart” 1


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