October 12

Texas Police Officer Stupefies Fellow Cops with Johnny Cash Hit

As many fans try to imitate or impersonate the great Man in Black, most seem to flop. Some can make it, but only a few can do it justice. Well, take it from this police officer from Texas who has showcased his talent of channeling his inner Johnny Cash.

In a roll call performance, this San Antonio police officer treats his fellow officers with great music as he renders one of Johnny Cash’s iconic songs, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Singing with his guitar, Officer Billy Morgan surprised everyone in the room with his amazing vocals and incredible talent.

Before his impressive performance, Morgan addressed his fellow officers and said:

“I know it’s a song about going to prison, but it’s one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs.”

When it comes to singing, Morgan is undeniably a true talent. In fact, he told KENS 5 News that he has been singing since he was a teenager. In addition, he worked as a professional singer after leaving the U.S. Air Force.

Morgan’s Cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”

The performance of Billy Morgan during the officer’s roll call was entirely unexpected. More than that, the response of his fellow cops was even more significant. Interestingly, one of the officers recorded his performance and took it to social media. In less than one month, the video clip has generated over 400,000 views and was shared more than 5,000 times.

Morgan became an instant internet sensation. Thanks to his fellow cop Alexander Garza who first shared the video on Facebook. Truly, he was blown away by what he saw and heard, and so, wrote the caption:

“So this happened at roll call before we went to go fight crime. If you see this officer on the street, he may just sing you a song. Share away!”

Feeling the need to lighten the mood during the roll call, Morgan got inspired to sing the song. He expressed that since their job is a lot serious, it is great to be able to have some fun now and then. He said:

“We’re just regular blue collar folks, just like everyone else. We want everyone to know that we joke around. We have fun. [And] we care about people just as much as they do.”

Better check out this incredible performance of Billy Morgan and be inspired as well:


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