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Billy Joe Shaver’s “If I Give My Soul”: Towards a Winning Turn

Billy Joe Shaver’s “If I Give My Soul”: Towards a Winning Turn 1

What could make one a true winner in life? Everyone has his own standpoint on this matter. It depends on what angle you’re looking at. For people involved in the corporate world, being true winner may mean thriving and staying vibrant in the midst of intensifying competition. A person who’s financially constrained but who’s keen on finding means to help him achieve his dream to finish college may be appraised as a true winner in life. A couple whose relationship is facing turmoil for quite some time but none of them is losing their faith in love, may win each other back in no time. And the list of examples goes on.

One common and essential factor in becoming a winner is the ability to overcome obstacles. Thus, winning is about overcoming.

Whatever circumstance you’re into, so long as you don’t give up your fight towards achieving something, by default, you’re a true winner in life.

Taking it from the spiritual perspective, how can one be a winner in life? Try listening to this moving song entitled “If I Give My Soul” by country singer and songwriter Billy Joe Shaver and ponder on its message.

A Little Info about the Song

Billy Joe Shaver’sVictory,” a 1998 collection of religious songs, enlisted“If I Give My Soul”. It was also on this album where the song’s rendition became more popular. However, the song has an earlier recording for the album “Tramp on Your Street.” Recorded in 1993, the project was a collaboration between Shaver and his guitarist son Eddy Shaver. Their cover was described as having a more rock-out arrangement. The country music legend Johnny Cash released his own record of the song in 1999.


The song encloses lines that are heart-breaking. It narrates a story of a man who once had a perfect life. But suddenly, on the verge of losing it after succumbing to bad vices. With his shattered life flashing before his eyes, he turned to God hoping that things will be as they were before.

The man may have made wrong decisions in life, as the lyrics suggested, but in the end, found himself going back to God asking for a second chance. God, being compassionate and forgiving, won’t certainly turn his back on him or pretend deaf to his calling.

The most important lesson that can be taken from the song is going the extra mile to set things right upon realizing one’s mistakes. Furthermore, asking for God’s forgiveness for his wrongdoings is a sign of humility. It shows willingness to be guided by the Almighty Father towards the right path.

The man clearly demonstrated these attitudes in the song leading him to the winning turn in his life.


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