July 26, 2018

“If There Hadn’t Been You” is Billy Dean’s Most Sentimental Ballad

Billy Dean

Most of Billy Dean’s songs can truly affect you in so many ways. The words and lyrics can pierce your hearts with its deep and true meaning. Meanwhile, the tune and melodies can melt your heart as it flows deep within you. “If There Hadn’t Been You” is one of the best country songs to ponder on. Undoubtedly, one of the best sentimental ballads. The straightforward lyrics and the heartwarming harmony says it all.

Lend your ears and listen to the song for it will bring back some of the good old days. Also, it will flash you back to the past. It will even make your eyes water as it touches your hearts and souls.

If There Hadn’t Been You…

Tom Shapiro and Ron Hellard wrote the words and lyrics of “If There Hadn’t Been You.” Billy Dean recorded and released the song in August 1992. Moreover, the song was part of his album “Billy Dean.” Perhaps of the great sound, the song has received good responses from the audience. In fact, it placed at number three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Also, it was embraced positively in other parts of the world. The song set at number one on Canada Country Tracks.

Billy Dean…

Billy Dean

“Star Search” was the platform where Billy Dean was discovered. He joined the completion. Despite not winning the show, he gained popularity. He started recording songs and those songs topped the country charts. Billy Dean has a total of eight studio albums. The first three albums were the most successful as they were certified gold by RIAA. Also, he has a total of eleven Top Ten charting singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Billy Dean

Moreover, Billy Dean placed his very first number single on the country charts with the song “Buy Me A Rose.” A song duet with Alison Krauss and “The Gambler” Kenny Rogers.

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