July 18

The Unspoken Love In Billy Dean’s “Somewhere In My Broken Heart”


Billy Dean

Love is the greatest feeling on earth, especially when it’s reciprocated. Nevertheless, it is one of the most difficult to handle if it’s unrequited. That’s exactly what Billy Dean defines in his song “Somewhere In My Broken Heart.” Somewhat, the song is one of the most painful to listen to. However, it gives us the sound of country with its in-depth lyrics and mellow tune.

For the country music obsessives out there looking for a great taste of the country to listen to, “Somewhere In My Broken Heart” will suit you. Also, it would remind you of how outstanding country music in the 90s. And with the voice of Billy Dean, indeed, a soulful song to reminisce the past.

Somewhere In My Broken Heart…

Richard Leigh and Billy Dean himself wrote the words and lyrics of “Somewhere In My Broken Heart.” Randy Travis initially recorded the song in 1989 from his album “No Holdin’ Back.” After two years, Billy Dean recorded the song as part of his album “Young Man.” It became number three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Billy Dean…

Billy Dean

William Harold Dean Jr. gained popularity when he appeared on the talent competition “Star Search.” He then started recording with a total of eight studio albums. His first three albums were the most successful as they were certified gold by RIAA. Also, he has a total of eleven Top Ten charting singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Billy Dean

In 2000, Billy Dean placed his very first number one single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. A song duet with Alisson Krauss and Kenny Roger’s “Buy Me A Rose.”

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Billy Dean, Randy Travis, Richard Leigh, Somewhere In My Broken Heart

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