October 11

Billy Ray Cyrus Honoring Soldiers in “Some Gave All”

There will be instances in our lives wherein we need to make a sacrifice. Just like our living heroes who are defending our country who can’t think of their onsafety. In my opinion, they should be rewarded for their heroism and great sacrifice.

Anyway, it’s just sad sometimes that we are too busy in with other things and we act like they are invisible. Hence, a simple “Thank you” or acknowledgment is enough.

“The Big Star”

William Ray Cyrus is a multi-platinum selling recording artist, he rose to fame with his song “Achy Breaky Heart.” Further, he released 12 studio albums and 44 singles since 1992. With this success, he was known worldwide. He also has a successful debut album “Some Gave All.”  He was influenced by bluegrass and gospel at an early age, he started to like music that eventually became his passion.

As a result, he dropped out at his junior year because he wanted to follow his dream as a musician. He then found his stepping stone in fulfilling his career when he joined “Sly Dog” in the mid-80’s. Then, he signed with “Mercury Nashville Records.” Life was not easy for Cyrus especially if you have a dream to chase. Anyhow, he even experienced living in his neighbor’s car. But as they say, hard work always pays off. I mean look at him now, he is one of the most successful personalities in Country Music.

“The Smash Hit”

“Some Gave All” was the debut album of Cyrus with “Mercury Records” in 1992. The album title was patterned to one of his singles which was included on his debut album. Some critics thought of it as a lame song. In spite of the criticism, the song was still loved by the masses, especially its deep meaning.

Lastly, the song plainly talks about patriotism and love for one’s country. In addition, he also honored the soldiers that they need to leave their family to protect other people. Even though, they know how hard the call of duty is, on the video he also showed how hard to be a soldier in the battlefield. Let us give thanks to the living heroes of our time.

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