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Watch: Billy Currington’s Tender Ballad Version of “Lucille”

Watch: Billy Currington's Tender Ballad Version of "Lucille" 1
Billy Currington (image from Youtube)

In the decade since Billy Currington has released his debut album with the top ten hit, “Walk a Little Straighter,” he has established his name as one of the distinct voices in the country music. His emotion-laden tenor and unerring song sense tickled the ears of the listeners and made them want more from him. He has indeed come a long way from working in constructions and living in a tiny attic apartment during his early days in Nashville.

Billy’s songs have always been centered on snapshots of life. His music expresses the truth and possesses a relatability. Thanks to his childhood church choir experiences, his voice was trained at a young age. He was raised in Rincon, Georgia.

Summer Forever is Currington’s last released album. All in all, he has released studio albums that have promising positions on the chart. He continues to perform for his fans in different shows at present time.

The video below is an evidence of Currington’s versatile voice. He renders his version of “Lucille” by Kenny Rogers with his own distinct way of singing.


The huge international hit, “Lucille” was Kenny Roger’s first major track as a solo artist after leaving a successful country group, the First Edition. Released in January 1977 from his self-titled album, it reached number 1 on the Billboard Country Singles chart and number five on the Billboard Hot 100. Also, it reached the top of the UK Singles Chart that made Rogers internationally famous.

Watch: Billy Currington's Tender Ballad Version of "Lucille" 2
Kenny Rogers (image from Youtube)

The song expresses the voice of a broken-hearted man, drinking in a bar in Toledo, Ohio. His wife, Lucille, left him due to dissatisfaction from their married life. The man scorns her for being insensitive to their situation. They’ve got 4 children and he’s got no time to care for them because he has to work on the field.

You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille
With four hungry children and a crop in the field

Now here’s Kenny Roger’s story of the woman, who left his husband and children at the wrong time.

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