May 11, 2018

“Happy on My Way”: Knowing that God is the Key to Happiness

bill monroe happy on my way

Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys did it again, they have delivered a beautiful inspiring song that will make us realize what happiness truly is. Everyone wants to be happy, and we cannot take that out of the picture. Nobody wants to live a sad, miserable life. We want to wake up in the morning and feel that happiness within us. But, we think it’s not that easy. The truth is happiness is easy, it’s a choice we have to make every day if we really want it.

 What the Song Means

Happiness is different from one person to another. But, in the end, it’s something that you cannot hold, it’s not a physical thing. Happiness is something that is not seen but felt or is an action. “Happy on My Way” by Bill Monroe is all about being happy with Jesus. Many will find it hard to believe, many will think that it’s impossible, but with God nothing is impossible.

The song speaks of the joy the narrator felt when he praises the Lord and when he serves him with all his heart. When he says serving the Lord it doesn’t mean doing the thing that he doesn’t want. Rather, these are things that make him happy and he is happy to do it. Another thing is when the narrator says that people who sin find it difficult to find happiness because they are afraid of the Lord. When they are afraid they hide from the Lord, and that is denying the happiness they supposedly deserve.

The Song’s History

“Happy on My Way” is written by Pete Pyle and included in Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys album My All-Time Country Favorites in 1962. A collection of country, bluegrass religious songs that are original in composition or a cover.

Therefore to find happiness follow God and you’ll never regret it.

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bill monroe, happy on my way

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