February 9

Bill Monroe & “The Bluegrass Boys” for “Bluegrass Breakdown”


In the world of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe was inarguably the single most important figure. He is considered as one of the pillars of the genre. With no much effort, he can excellently fuse the fiddle and mandolin sounds of Eastern Kentucky Hills with the guitars of rural blues. His perfect combination added a streamlined speed and emotional passion to the music.  Monroe was indeed the the father of bluegrass music, a brilliant musician by any standards.

Bluegrass music finds its roots from Irish, Scottish, and English traditional music. It is also influenced by music of Appalachia. The sound gives a unique homage to America and its various cultural influences that truly define the state. As the world advances, bluegrass is definitely not spared. It was later influenced by the music of African-Americans through the incorporation of jazz elements.

Bluegrass Breakdown

Their chance to play with Bill Monroe, gives the band “Bluegrass Boys” a chance to shine. During their presentation in 1965, every member of the group was given a solo performance. They showcased their equally entertaining talents that amazed the crowd all the way. So after watching the show, you’ll be caught with the bluegrass music whether you are a fan or not. Most importantly, you’ll develop a genuine respect to the performers and their way of playing the instruments.

The musical legend of Bill Monroe

Let us know Bill Monroe a little further. He rose in fame in the 1920s. His music primarily focuses on the art of harmonizing acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo, and his most favorite instrument, the mandolin. The truth, bluegrass music was named after Monroe’s band, the Bluegrass Boys. Their band name was inspired by the prevalent blue grass in the lawns and fields in their hometown at Kentucky. The band first appeared on the Grand Ole Opry stage in 1939. Soon after, they gained their popularity with their distinct kind of music. This time, their songs or presentations are scarcely mentioned. May we then take the step to bring back those good old sounds.

Bill Monroe & “The Bluegrass Boys” for “Bluegrass Breakdown” 1

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