September 8

A Big Inspiration for UK fans Magnolia Vale: Martina McBride


A Big Inspiration for UK fans Magnolia Vale: Martina McBride 1

One of the female voices of country music, Martina McBride, will be singing at Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts today. She has been an inspiration to two Marion Country sisters who are trying to make their names in the music industry.

Katelyn and Samantha Daugherty are Kentucky fans who both played basketball at Marion and they are now students at Eastern Kentucky University, who performs as Magnolia Vale. They said Martina McBride was a “huge” inspiration for those aspiring country music singers.

“Growing up, we’ve always listened to and sang along to her songs. We love all of the messages she puts out through her music. We aspire to be like her one day and we hope to be half the artist she is.” Katelyn Daugherty said.“She is truly unbelievable and one-in-a-million. To warm up our vocals, we’ve always belted out her song, ‘Independence Day,’ to the top of our lungs. It has seemed to work out pretty well. We love her!”

A former resident of Danville, Susan Key Nichols is a Martina McBride fan, too. She calls her a “lovely person” and has a story to justify that belief.

“She and her family ate at a Waffle House on Christmas Day around the corner from our house in Nashville right before us one year,” Nichols said. “The staff said she always comes in on Christmas Day and always tipped over $1,000. She left it for the entire staff, kitchen included, and that was the happiest Waffle House staff I have ever seen.”

The same feeling might be with the attendees of Martina McBride’s concert today in Danville after her performance.

Limited tickets for her show Tonight at 8 p.m. at Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts are available at nortoncenter.com. Danville’s own Mike Archer will also be playing before McBride takes stage.


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