October 11

You Can Never Steal a Bible: John McCabe will Tell You Why

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”
– Charles Spurgeon

Living in a country of privilege, we have no conception of the horrors that a majority of Christians experience living in communist countries. Their crime? They were found red-handed and pronounced guilty for their possession of Bibles. Arrested, they’ll be subject to all forms brutality. And why is that? Because the Bible speaks about a form of government that’s completely incompatible with man’s inclination to lust for power.

That said, we’re proud to feature a song that’s as sturdy as our love for Gospel Country songs.

You Can Never Steal a Bible – John McCabe
Video Courtesy: Lamon Records


P.S. In case of non-play, follow the YouTube link on video to hear this amazing tune.

Who is John McCabe?

Posted by John McCabe on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Born in New Zealand and currently residing in Canada, John McCabe’s quickly gaining notoriety in the Country Music scene. He’s not a newbie per se as he had played with established artists like Tom T Hall, Jerry Reed, and Mel Tillis. Honing his songwriting skill, he penned today’s featured track, “You Can Never Steal a Bible.” It hit the right chord as radio stations are speedily giving it air plays.

Currently, All Music Chart named McCabe’s single as the 10th hottest single-tracked from radio playlists, internet apps/programs, and other similar avenues for music promotion.

Judging from the lyrical arrangement, word choices, and vocal quality, John McCabe’s arguably got something unique to offer. Hope to hear more from this “Kiwi with a Golden Voice” as he’s affectionately called by his peers.

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