October 11

Country Singer George Jones Believes in “The Good Old Bible”

Have you read the Bible from the beginning to the end? Do you believe in what is written in the Bible? If you think that Jesus does exist, it is already given that you believe in the Bible because the Bible contains words from God. But how important is the Bible? Furthermore, what can it do to our life?

The Importance of the Bible

Why is the Bible so important? We all know that the Bible is not written by God but by man. However, the words written in the Bible did not come from man but God. Everything we read in the Bible is God’s words. Therefore, it is essential for it to be a part of our life because it guides us in our everyday living. The Bible tells us what is right from wrong. It serves as guidelines for living a God-fearing, happy, and beautiful life here on earth.

“The Good Old Bible”

George Jones and Burl Stephen wrote a song called “The Good Old Bible.” It is about believing in everything that happened in the Bible. The song began with the first part of the Bible, Genesis. The part where Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden because they have not listened to God. The narrator stated that he believes what the Bible says about Adam and Eve. He followed it with the story of Cain and Abel, David and Goliath, Daniel, and he ended the song with Jesus turning water to wine.

“I believe the good ole Bible

From beginning to the end.”

Country Church Time Album

“The Good Old Bible” is one of the singles from George Jones sixth studio album Country Church Time. It took Jones three years to record the album. He released the album under his record label Mercury in 1959. His album did not make it to the Billboard charts. However, Jones’ songs are incredibly delivered, and they have a beautiful meaning.

Folks, if you believe in the Bible like Jones, come and listen to his song “The Good Old Bible.”


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George Jones, Good Old Bible

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