October 21

Who’s Better: Beyonce vs. Reba McEntire on “If I Were a Boy”


For people who constantly bridge the gap between country and pop, many are aware that ‘If I were a Boy’ by Beyonce is considered not only as a huge hit but a groundbreaking one considering the fact that it tells a powerful perspective of a woman in a relationship and how gender roles play inside a relationship of a man and a woman. In another world we call country, Reba McEntire did a cover of the said song and it garnered mixed reactions. The cover was included on her album ‘All the Women that I am’ which basically is a repertoire of songs about women’s roles.

If I Were a Boy, Reba McEntire

In an interview with Jam! Music, Reba McEntire de-spell people’s criticism about her doing a pop after a decade of doing country hits. She said:

“When I got the song and the lyrics, I thought it was an incredible song,” she said. “And, to me, it turned out to be a country song, when we got our instrumentation on it and everything. And some people go, ‘Well, why in the world would you do a pop song?’ I just think music is music. You’ve got good and you’ve got bad, and I try to stay on the good side.”

In an interview with the Boot, McEntire also defended the inclusion of the song on her studio album.

“Every song on the album portrays a different story for each woman in the song,” she explained. “There’s a lot of women in here [pointing to herself]. Different personalities, different things, different hats I wear throughout the day.”

In the technical side, McEntire’s version was received on a positive note. Many have noted that she delivered a more powerful country version than an earlier version.

Watch the video here and judge for yourself which if the two artists did a terrific job:


Beyonce, Reba McEntire

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