October 26

The Best of Ricky Skaggs: 5 Of His Finest Tunes

Are you a huge fan of Ricky Skaggs? Do you feel that you simply can’t get enough of his music? Well, here’s a wonderful favor for you: We’ve compiled five of the country legend’s best and most memorable hit songs for you to reminisce and enjoy.

Take a look at our list below:

5. Uncle Pen

The song Uncle Pen is Ricky Skaggs’ way of honoring the traditional roots of his musical style. Likewise, the song was written by Bill Monroe as a dedication and tribute to his uncle and mentor, Pendleton Vandiver. What makes the song truly standout is how it led Ricky Skaggs to earn a no. 1 hit despite its distinct style that none of Skaggs’ fellow contemporaries had used nor exemplified at that time. The upbeat tempo and optimistic tune of Uncle Pen perfectly matched the musical talent possessed by Ricky.

4. Country Boy

Dubbed as one of the songs that helped defined Skaggs’ career, Country Boy is a collective representation of all the elements that make the singer stand out among his fellow artists. Filled with long, beautiful instrumental interludes, it was described by critics and fans as a well-blended and highly artistic bluegrass-style solo songs in the history of music.

3. Heartbroke

In this track, Ricky Skaggs reveals a more sentimental side to his otherwise upbeat and fun-loving musical style. Heartbroke also happens to be one of Ricky Skaggs’ most widely recognized hits. It was previously recorded by Rodney Crowell and even cut by country legend George Strait. However, many believe it was Skaggs’ version that gave a whole new definition to the song. Another small yet striking detail about Heartbroke is how Skaggs did some changes on the lyrics to omit a curse word in the original version. This was his way of staying true to his promise that he would not produce or record songs he would not feel comfortable and happy to perform in front of his parents. Isn’t that sweet?

2. Love Can’t Ever Get Better Than This

Ricky Skaggs performed Love Can’t Ever Get Better Than This with his beautiful and talented wife, Sharon White. The singer/couple’s first ever duet turned out to be a huge success. After being recorded and released as a single, it earned them a spot on the Top 10 charts, while helping them win the 1987 CMA award for Vocal Duo of the Year. Unfortunately, although the couple originally planned to record a follow-up collaborative album for the song, the plan did not push through due to political issues with labels and recording companies.

1. Honey (Open That Door)

Honey (Open That Door) tops this list for the reason that it happens to be one of Ricky Skaggs’ most spiritual hits. It struck a deep chord that reached down deeper than any of the upbeat and romantic songs he has recorded in the past. Not only that, the song beautifully centers on the uniquely breathtaking vocal power of Skaggs, surrounded by sweet instrumentals and endearing solos. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who, after having lost everything but his name to a poker game he’s lost, asks his woman to let him back into their home. The back story may have quite a bit of hilarity to it, but it nonetheless showcases why Skaggs is one of the most respected Country and bluegrass artists to this day.


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