October 15

Let Time Machine Bring you Back to The Best of “Everly Brothers”

Sometimes I ask myself why people cry in general. So, I thought that if I never shed a tear, I will never feel lonely again. Eventually, as time goes by, my perception changed. Some people cry because they are happy and some are sad. Thus, it is a way for them to express what they feel and it really helps once we cry things out. It will be more uncomfortable when we hold it back in.

“The Duo”

“The Everly Brothers” was an American Rock and Roll Country influenced duo. Thus, widely known for their famous harmony and steel-string acoustic guitar. In addition, they were inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. The talent was obvious in the family because their parents can sing and they sang as a family.  Thus, they were formerly called “The Everly Family.” From the time they finished studying, the siblings focused on their musical career.

In 1960, the Everlys signed with Warner Bros. Record, and they stayed with the company for ten years. Then, their first hit was “Cathy’s Clown” and it became their biggest-selling record. From their first big hit, the Everlys produced hit after hit, and that includes “Crying in the Rain.” The duo had their solo careers, but they’re still intact as the Everly Brothers. It’s just sad that the group disbanded due to Phil Everly’s death in 2014 due to lung disease.

“The Massive Hit”

“Crying in the Rain” was written by Howard Greenfield and Carole King, and it was recorded by “The Everly Brothers.” Further, upon its release, the song became a massive hit, peaking at no. 6 on U.S Pop Charts in 1962. In addition, the song peaked in other charts worldwide recognizing the artistry of the Everlys.

There are various interpretations of the song; others say that it is a melancholic song for a breakup. Thus, other critics say that it is a song for a person who is longing for his/her lover who died.

Raindrops falling from heaven
Will never wash away my misery
But since we’re not together
I’ll wait for stormy weather
To hide these tears I hope you’ll never see

Since the song was a massive hit worldwide, other artists covered it. But, the harmony and style of the Everlys are still incomparable. They remained an inspiration to other artists copying their style and genre. Truly, they are one of the most Iconic personalities and a huge contributor in the Music Industry.

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