February 9, 2018

Watch: Dierks Bentley Performs “Woman Amen” Live on ‘Ellen’

Watch: Dierks Bentley Performs “Woman Amen” Live on ‘Ellen’ 1

Dierks Bentley performing  “Woman Amen” live on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.

Let’s Give It Up For Dierks Bentley!

In a previous post, we have featured the creative process that Dierks Bentley’s new album The Album has gone through. The country music singer described the experience as something re-awakening. We are glad to present to you in this article Bentley’s live performance of one of his latest album’s songs. Last January 18, Bentley appeared on the famous talk-variety show ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show”. As a guest, he shared with the audience and his fans the amazing results of his still fresh mountain escapade to record his new album. During the show, he performed a sweet song entitled “Woman Amen”. This song is the first track from his newest album and it’s definitely dedicated to his wife Cassidy Black Bentley. The tune expresses Bentley’s love and appreciation for his better half. She described his woman as the source of his faith, grace, hope, and strength. The singer gave life and meaning to every lyric of the song as he sang them full of feelings.

Towards the end of his performance, Bentley is seen pointing at Ellen with comfort. The show host approached him and said, “Thank God for you, amen!” and then gave him a warm embrace. Watch the full video of his live performance below.

This first single of his album was made out of his inspiration from his family. Bentley shared in a social media Q&A with fans, “Family is always inspiring me, I think the first single shows that.” Surely, it did!

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