July 30

The Southern Gospel Revival (Two) “By The Riverside”: Ben and Micah Hester

Southern Gospel Revival

This is another gospel song with a twist. A modern taste of a Christian gospel hymn called “By The Riverside.” Yes, a new touch of harmony and tune with the style of singing. However, it will suit your sensitivity since the message of the song has retained. Perhaps, the song has a modern approach in favor of our new generation. Listen to Ben and Micah Hester’s rendition for you will be mesmerized by their voices.

Southern Gospel Revival’s rendition will suit your taste. The album offers the best country gospel songs with a twist to the melodies. Making it more appealing to the ears. Also, they get different musicians from a variety of genres, styles, and bands to come together for a Revival of Southern Gospel Music. This is the second song to fill our souls. “By The Riverside” will make you listen to more of their renditions, and you will be mesmerized by how well they sing gospel songs.

By The Riverside…

Hatred and war were the inspiration of “By The Riverside.” It was written and published in 1918. Fisk University Jubilee Quartet first recorded the song in 1920 then was later released by Columbia in 1922. Also, there were fourteen black gospel recordings before World War II.

Moreover, “By The Riverside” was used as an Anti-War Protest Song, especially during the Vietnam war. The song’s central depiction is eradicating negativity and aggression. It also would like to teach spirituality among people. It also refers to baptism which we’ll be reborn in and be a good human being.

Southern Gospel Revival

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Down by The Riverside, Southern Gospel Revival

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