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Ben Brought Back the Magic of Merle Haggard’s “It’s All in the Movies.”


So much for saying but it’s well understood how Merle Haggard’s sons were in a way his extensions. In numerous occasions, we’ve seen and heard them sing his songs particularly the youngest, Ben Haggard. To our delight, we’ve flooded him with warm compliments and hopes that he gets his career breakthrough. Thankfully, he did. Here’s one of Ben’s cover that’s worth your virtual bookmark.

It’s All in the Movies – Song Cover by Ben Haggard

Video Courtesy: Eric Mesi

The Track You Knew

“It’s All in the Movies maybe three-decades-old but it still has not lost its magic. Play it anywhere and witness how it will effortlessly appeal to the hopeless romantics.  This Merle Haggard original charted on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs in the mid-70’s and soon reached the top. Even the same titled album was a strong contender and became Merle Haggard’s third No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Album Chart.

Ben Haggard: More than His Father’s Shadow

While Ben Haggard unapologetically reflects his dad’s artistry, he is his own person who knows what he’s into and where he’s headed. In an interview with the “Happy Hour,” Ben said that he’ll also shoot for the moon as his father did. Humbly though, he affirmed his own artist’s fingerprint while remaining proud as Merle Haggard’s son.

“When I’m compared to him, I realize it’s to someone far greater, but it gives me hope and the drive to emerge from his shadow, and hopefully, one day, to stand just as tall..”

By the way, here’s the original version by one of the greatest talents to grace Nashville’s productions.

It’s All in the Movies – Merle Haggard

Video Courtesy: KPvideo Productions

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