January 23

Bellamy Brothers Advice You to “Let Your Love Flow”


Let Your Love Flow

Again, here’s a story of a song that have been rejected by some artists, and garnered a promising spot on the chart after having been recorded by the singer who gave it a try. “Let Your Love Flow” is an upbeat life-inspiring song that was written by Larry d. Williams. Williams wrote the song having Neil Diamond as the prospect interpreter. When Neil declined to record the song, the Bellamy Brothers confidently took it. Unexpectedly, the track made it to the top spot in country music chart. Not only that, it also crossed over into the pop music charts. Now we wonder what Neil Diamond must have been thinking after the success of the song. But well, I guess, artists have the strong belief that songs meant for you will always be yours in the end, and this song is definitely not meant to be his own.

Anatomy of the song

After we’ve learned how the song ended to be the Bellamy Brother’s, it’s best to digest what’s inside. Th song actually gives a good message to everyone.

The first part of the song emphasizes that there is a reason for every existence under the sun. The lines are also similar to one of the most known Bible verse. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything and a season.” Moreover, the second paragraph focuses on romantic affairs. It suggests that we should take every chance to show our love to our partner. Love will always be the best foundation of every relationship and we should nourish it with our partner as often as possible. And finally, the chorus reminds us to keep on showing love in everywhere we go and in everything we do. Love will always be the element that makes the world go round. This is just the best season to share the love.

And let your love show
And you’ll know what I mean
It’s the season
Let your love fly
Like a bird on the wing
And let your love bind you
To all living things
And let your love shine
And you’ll know what I mean

Bellamy Brothers Advice You to “Let Your Love Flow” 1


Let your Love Flow, the bellamy brothers

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