October 30

The Bellamy Brothers, Featuring “Let Your Love Flow”

The 70’s was one of my grandfather’s favorite years. He once said to me that it is the era of good music. Further, he had a lot of stories about the 70’s, and it is also the year when he met my grandmother. Also, they were the ones who raised me that’s why every Christmas, I always have knitted sweaters made by my grandma.

“The Duo”

Bellamy Brothers” was an American country music duo that rose to fame during the 70’s. My grandfather said it was when good music was invented. Further, the pair had a distinct sound compared to other artists because of their harmony and connection to one another. Upon the release their debut single in the 70’s, they had a massive hit not only in the U.S. but also in Continental Europe. Also, they dominated the charts which only shows that they have a strong fan base.

The Bellamy Brothers did not have any formal music training so we can say that they were self-trained. Even more, their family is musically inclined because their father was a member of a band. Another thing that inspired the duo was Rock n Roll music. This inspiration pushed them to pursue what they really wanted to do, that is to make good music.

“The Road to Fame”

“Let Your Love Flow” had international success in 1976 and it was recorded by the Bellamy Brothers. Further, the song was written by Larry E. Williams, and there was a bit of an issue about the song. Above all, it was said that the Bellamy Brothers didn’t like the song at first. Then, it was given to Gene Cotton and was included on one of his albums. Eventually, the duo recorded the song, but it is unclear who recorded it first.

Regardless who recorded the song first, it still made an impact to its listeners. Indeed, it’s considered as a classic favorite. In conclusion, it is an artist job to make an impact on the masses. Thus, that’s what the Bellamy Brothers did; they left an impacting moment within us that we will carry through time.


Bellamy Brothers, Gene Cotton, Larry E. Williams, Let your Love Flow

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