February 5

“I Do Believe:” A Proclamation of Faith from Waylon Jennings

God’s existence has been a discussion for a thousand years, even scholars debate about this. Also, some of these great personalities in history threw in good arguments and research to strengthen their standpoint. Anyhow, to believe in a Higher Being is not mandatory. It actually depends on your religious orientation. Moreover, it’s good to believe in a Higher Being because we have someone to cling on during the spiritual downfall. Also, every human has their own belief and it can be passed down from generation to generation. Isn’t it interesting to believe in a Higher entity whom we can run to for spiritual comfort? Anyway, have you heard the hit “I Do Believe” from Waylon Jennings? It’s actually a good hit to proclaim someone’s belief.

The Outlaw Singer

This artist started his career in the ‘50s and he has been successful ever since. Furthermore, he showed interest in music at an early age, and he began playing guitar at the age of four. When he reached the age of fourteen, he started playing at a local radio station. That has been a training ground for him to push further for a bigger audience. In the ‘70s, he became one of the key figures to pioneer outlaw country. This artist also worked with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Johnny Cash. Plus their group was called the Highwaymen. Do you remember Waylon Jennings?

“I Do Believe:” A Proclamation of Faith from Waylon Jennings 1
Photo Credits: Waylon Jennings/Official Facebook Home Page

The Road Goes on Forever

Believing in a Higher Being depends on one’s upbringing and social orientation. Considering this, there’s a lot of religions and philosophical groups around the world. But for now, let’s unite and forget our social differences and enjoy the hit from Waylon Jennings, “I Do Believe.” I hope that this will help a person who is having a spiritual struggle. 


Waylon Jennings

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