Do you Believe in Exorcism? How Strong is your Faith?

February 12, 2019

Demons have been an ancient mystery, and they are described in many forms. Also, demons grow stronger once they sense fear, agony, and disbelief. Moreover, they have played a vital role in Hollywood horror films that makes them scarier. Sometimes, these are the reasons why many people are afraid to go outside at night. It is said that these creatures are afraid of the church, cross, Bible, and holy water. So, better carry a small cross with you for protection. Anyhow, human’s fascination with exorcism has always tickled the minds of its audience. Especially for those people who are looking for a different kind of adrenaline rush.

To satisfy the minds of the public, Hollywood created tons of horror films showing different kinds of demons. But, the question is do demons really exist? Have you ever seen a demon? The oldest evidence of demons can be read in the Bible. Furthermore, it is said that these entities were exiled from heaven because they tried to overthrow God. Their existence has been debated and questioned. Or, is this an illusion created by human's imaginative minds?

Exorcizing the Demons

Some of you may think that performing an exorcism is easy. A person will just sprinkle holy water, read a bible verse, and the demon will go away. However, being an exorcist is not easy. They need to be focused and most of all, have a strong faith. The demon can easily deceive us, and they can easily enter into one’s mind. Moreover, they will use nasty tricks and illusions for them to win.

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You are given the power to communicate directly with God and to ask strength from Him when you are weak. Furthermore, you should strengthen your faith because the demons can attack you anytime. If you find yourself having a spiritual downfall, seek help immediately. The demons may attack at your weakest point in life.