May 30

Beer Bellies and Dad Bods as the New Sexy?

Beer Bellies are the new sexy! Nope, it doesn’t mean that all your hard work doing sets and reps are all going to go to waste. It’s not also the “sexy” definition that you probably have in your head.

Though having a six-pack can make a girl go crazy for you physically, having beer bellies or Dad bods has a deeper psychological effect on women according to studies. And believe it or not, chugging that beer may have given your body an immune system boost.

Well, having a beer belly doesn’t actually mean that a person must be drinking alcoholic beverages every day. It’s a term used to describe someone who gained quite a few extra pounds (around 10 to 20 lbs.), especially on their belly. This new fad is surprisingly common with fathers, thus called “dad bods” and for beer drinkers “beer bellies”. But whichever term you coin, these two hold the same definition.

The New “Six-Pack”

According to the study of Kelton Global, out of the 2,000 chosen samples, 78% of the females agree that people with Dad bods feel more confident in donning their current body build than those who are much fit. Among the women interviewed, 69% claim this physique is more attractive and 42% claim that beer bellies are the new “six-pack”. Two-thirds of the data also show that a couple with a man with this body build shows a much happier relationship.

Richard Bribiescas, a Yale professor, presented a study on the science of Dad bods and beer bellies. He claimed that having such a body build could be better in the long run compared to muscular people who sport six-packs. Higher testosterone levels are significant boosters of the immune system, which is gained through weight gain. Study shows that aging in men results in a drop in testosterone production that can be somehow disadvantageous to people who had leaner builds.

Testosterone also plays a key role in men’s muscle mass and bones, production of body hair, libido, or sex drive that indicates youthfulness, mood, and life quality, thus proven in Kelton Global’s study and verbal-thinking ability which indicates the low probability for memory loss.

Higher testosterone levels also act as extra protection for people who suffer from heart attacks and strokes. Studies presented by Healthline showed that in 83,000 men, the majority had their testosterone levels dropping compared to the 24% who experienced heart attacks and 36% who experienced a stroke.

The Downside

Testosterone, on the other hand, has its set of disadvantages. This is mostly observed in the development of vices. High testosterone levels tend to make men be more alcoholics, which proved that having Dad bods could be correlational to beer bellies. This also contributes to the development of smoking habits.

Men with high testosterone levels are also prone to physical injuries. In terms of psychology, men with an above-average level of testosterone tend to participate in risk-taking behaviors, usually involving sexual or sometimes, criminal activities.

Regardless of these studies, if you are a person who tends to work out to achieve a sexy six-pack body, keep it up. And if you are a person who has already achieved a Dad bod, be proud. This body build has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you want to try to get to the other side of the road, you can always do the routines that other men do for themselves once in a while.

What’s important in achieving a certain body goal are the lasting “benefits” at the end of it. It’s usually simpler: just be yourself, do your own thing while others do what they do. It is about what your body is designed to do. Workout if you prefer to, but don’t neglect rest. A balanced healthy life cannot exist without the other. The intensity is all up to you. Your body may take a toll if you push yourself too hard, so try to do things nice and slowly.

People will almost never have a perfect definition of what’s in or what’s out. You may try on a Dad bod or even a six-pack, but there will always be someone who won’t like it but that’s life. Beauty, as they said, is always in the eyes of the beholder.


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