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‘Angels Among Us’ Songwriter Tells Near-Death Inspiration of Alabama Hit

'Angels Among Us' Songwriter Tells Near-Death Inspiration of Alabama Hit 1

Those who stop to see the tribute to the Country Hall of Fame may not be aware of the story behind Alabama’s Angels Among Us. This Christmas time favorite that touched thousands of  lives since its debut in 1993 and led to the miraculous recovery of a comatose girl in 1996.

During the Christmas time of ’85, Nashville song Writer Becky Hobbs started seeing premonitions. A feeling that the worst was behind her, a feeling that proved short-lived. She would wake up in the middle of the night sweating from a nightmare of a crash and thinking, “I’m not ready to die.

The morning before Hobbs’ birthday, she had another premonition and she heard a voice.

“A force took a hold of my arm and took me out into my front yard,” she recalls. “I looked up at the January sky and asked, ‘What? What is it that you’re trying to tell me?’ And a deep masculine voice told me ‘Be careful. This may be your last birthday.'” – Hobbs said.

On January 25, 1986, also Hobbs’ birthday, she was travelling with her band after a benefit performance in Albertville. The rain was pouring that night and the band’s van stopped in a traffic light at a traffic intersection of the four-lane highway. Hobbs looked up and saw an eighteen wheeler racing along the way.

“At that moment our light turned green and I felt our driver take his foot off the break,” she continues. “In that second I got that same premonition and I yelled out for our driver Randy to stop.”

The second the road manager hit the break, the truck collided with the van. The trailer that was carrying the band’s equipment was ripped from the back, the van was a wreck but the band, miraculously, suffered only minimal injuries. If the van’s driver didn’t hit the break, they would’ve died that day.

Hobbs’ quick thinking lead to their survival. That’s when she realized that the voice was her guardian angel. She’ wrote the song title, Angels Among Us. She spent the next few years writing the lyrics of song before she asked fellow songwriter Don Goodman to help her finish it out.

Listen to her story in an interview below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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