November 16

No More Uncertain Future in “Because He Lives” by Alabama

Because He Lives – is a Southern gospel song composed by Bill and Gloria Gaither. some time in the late 1960’s. Like many, inspirational songs ever written, the backstory is one of deep disappointment and fear. Bill has been ill, false accusations were hurled, and Gloria was with a child. They all happened simultaneously that anyone could be thrown into despair. As Gloria pondered on what could happen in the future, God stepped in to give her comfort. And the thing about God’s comfort? It becomes our enduring strength. In her testimony, Gloria said her fears vanished and that she experienced an inexplicable, internal peace; the kind that could not be disturbed by any external force.

Now for the content, the song begins by calling our attention to the timeless message of God’s wondrous gospel. Since gospel means good news, then it should be something that frees us from our many predicaments. By his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus has accomplished more than just the forgiveness of our sins. He came to impart his life, and gradually, we are taught to live like he did. True, we are surrounded by loads of issues and mishaps, but they should not be allowed to steal our joy. By keeping in mind that our Savior lives, then there should be no room in our lives for fear and doubts to settle in. That was the point of the second stanza and refrain.

Humanly speaking, that was easier than done. But if God could inspire the Gaither couple to put this song into existence, then it could be meant as our song for his assurance. He sees, knows, and feels everything we are going through. If we can trust him with our souls, then we can also trust him of our future. He has been there, so if he says everything will be all right, will we not believe him?

Listen to Alabama’s rendition of “Because He Lives.”


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