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“My Beautiful America”: A Land God Blessed With Everything

"My Beautiful America": A Land God Blessed With Everything 1
Charlie Daniels | Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

It’s the Fourth of July again, folks! One of the countless ways to celebrate Independence Day is by listening to or playing cool country songs along this theme. There have been numerous songs that centered on patriotism and, for sure, you’ve already heard most of them. These wonderfully created tunes express our admiration of the country’s beauty, respect for those who fought for our freedom and honoring the fearless men and women serving relentlessly to protect our nation, among others.  America the Beautiful” is an example of a song describing one’s pride for his country’s splendor. In his spoken song, Ragged Old Flag,” Johnny Cash conveyed his patriotism by addressing some political and ethical issues. Meanwhile, Steve Azar honors the brave soldiers who have served and continue serving the country in his Soldier Song.”

For our main featured song in this post and for Independence Day, let’s talk about the Charlie Daniels Band’s “My Beautiful America.” Similar to Cash’s rendition of “Ragged Old Flag,” the band also recites in this patriotic song. It serves as the lead single of their 2010 album Land That I Love. This release is a collection of patriotic work of the Grammy Award-winning musician. The tune comprises of ten verses with a varying number of lines for each. Except for the last stanza, all of the lines are stated in the form of a question. It presents certain places and events in America and asks the reader if they’ve ever seen or been to those spots and experienced those stuff. In the last verse, the singer-narrator confirms those descriptions as pertaining to America which he describes as

“the land God blesses with everything.”

Together with the Charlie Daniels Band, let’s celebrate the Fourth of July with this recitation song.

A Show of Patriotism

Many of Charlie Daniels’ compositions and recordings are an expression of his love of the country. Also, his varied and idiosyncratic take on politics. Though some of these had sparked various reactions and interpretations among the audience. Despite the adverse opinions thrown out on some of his songs, the element of patriotism remains in them. Moreover, those compositions helped Daniels gain a wider exposure. While the Country Music Hall of Fame inductee has never served in the military, he made use of his music to extend his support and honor to the soldiers.

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