April 25

“Beat the Devil:” The Statler Brothers’ Story of Jesus Facing Temptation

If you’ll be subjected to temptation, will you be able to beat the devil? Can you resist the things shown to you or offered to you? It is easier said than done when we are in that situation. Often, when we are confronted by temptations, we give in to it. After such, we realize that what we did is wrong, and then we always use the excuse that we are just humans. But, we are capable of resisting temptations, it’s just a matter of disciplining oneself.

the statler brothers beat the devil Jesus
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If you feel like the devil is trying to tempt you into things you don’t really want, you have to remember Jesus. He was tempted by the Devil too when He was on the desert. The devil tried to make Jesus turn away from His father three times but, Jesus won. He beat the devil at his own game.

“Beat the Devil”

Jesus’ trial in the desert was written into a song by Don Reid. “Beat the Devil” was recorded by the Statler Brothers in their 1975 album Holy Bible Old Testament. “Beat the Devil” tells the story of Jesus when He was challenged by the devil. It was three times that the devil tried to trick Jesus, but it was also three times that Jesus won.

In the wilderness Jesus stayed
Forty nights and forty days
The devil came in all his sin
Came to tempt even Him

You see, if Jesus can resist such temptations from the devil, then we are able to do it too. All we have to do is put our faith in God, and know what is right from wrong.

The Album of The Statler Brothers

The Statler Brothers’ album entered the country chart and placed at number twenty-six. The album contained some original recordings of songs where the topic came from the Old Testament. On the same year, they released another album, but this time it contained songs based on the New Testament.

Check Out the Statler Brothers’ story of Jesus facing the devil.


The Statler Brothers

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