September 19, 2018

A Charming Cover of the Traditional Hymn, “Be Thou My Vision”

A Charming Cover of the Traditional Hymn, "Be Thou My Vision" 1
BYU Noteworthy | Photo credit: Youtube

This isn’t the first time that we feature a song that declares the eternal presence of God. Recognizing that He is with us at all times through songs gives a different sense of joy. This happiness is something so profound and doesn’t just fade away. He is Hereand Abide with Meare just two examples of songs we could cite that honor and praise the existence of God. Featured in this article is another tune on this subject. While this song is different in some aspects, it conveys the same message – believing in a living God. As it is quite a popular hymn, you’re probably aware of it. This traditional hymn is known as Be Thou My Vision.”

Below is a delightful and elegant rendition of the song by an all-female a cappella group named BYU Noteworthy. The music video also features Keith Good who plays the violin. 

Brief Song Background

A traditional hymn that emerged in the 18th century from Ireland is “Be Thou My Vision.” Its author is unknown but according to beliefs, it’s penned by an Irish saint who later became blind. Hence, the title. No further information is available detailing the history of the hymn’s composition. However, the experience of the assumed author speaks so much of it is the result of his deep faith in God. Being unable to see things with his human eyes, he asked God to be his eyesight. Although this seems to be metaphorical, it vividly displays one’s belief in the Almighty who is alive and omnipresent.

As it is a song of faith, it’s not only for the physically blind people. Everyone, even the normally sighted, needs God to be their vision. We need Him for us to be able to look beyond what’s superficial. Such an ability would only be developed through our faith in God.

The English version of the hymn became a favorite among many Christian artists. Thanks to Eleanor Hull for her excellent work in translating it. This well-known version of the song became available in 1912. The beautiful melody to which it is commonly sung is an Irish folk tune entitled “Slane.” The Irish Christian poet Dallan Forgail composed it.

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