June 14

“I Can’t Be Myself,” One of Merle Haggard’s Song from Hag

merle haggard i can't be myself

Nothing hurts more than being in a relationship where your partner wants you to change to someone you’re not. It is not good to pretend to be somebody, because it’s exhausting and it’s something that will only make you feel less confident. We know that being yourself and being loved by someone for who you are is vital in a relationship.

The Chart Performance of “I Can’t Be Myself”

Merle Haggard always released top performing songs and had a great talent in songwriting. That is why everything he wrote was always appreciated by many. Haggard and his band The Strangers, released the song “I Can’t Be Myself” in 1970 as the fourth track on his album Hag. “I Can’t Be Myself” peaked at No. 3 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart and remained for a total of 16 weeks on the chart, while his album Hag peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. Furthermore, Hag spent a total of 4 weeks on the number one position on the chart.

The Cover Version

LeAnn Rimes covered Merle Haggard’s song “I Can’t Be Myself” for her album Lady and Gentlemen in 2011.

All About “I Can’t Be Myself”

It is a song about a man who is tired of his partner who wanted him to change to someone he is not. No matter what he does or how good he is, it seems that his partner wasn’t happy with his personality. Even the way he looks was not appreciated by his partner, because of that, he is starting to feel unhappy about their relationship. Therefore, he made a decision to leave his lover.

Being in that kind of situation where your partner wants to change you is not love anymore. You don’t change the way a person is. If you truly love someone you have to accept them as who they are. It is not called love if you want someone to change him or her into another person. Remember being somebody is not that easy. Therefore, if you love someone do not change them, instead learn to love them even with their flaws.

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