April 24, 2018

Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler Sings for the “A Team”

Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler Sings for the "A Team" 1

Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler became popular in the late 1960’s with his breakthrough song, “The Ballad of the Green Berets.” The song became the anthem of the soldiers and all those who cared enough for the Vietnam War casualties. But alongside his most famous hit, Sgt. Sadler had also released other songs that gives us a picture of how it the war was, and the situations that circulated inside the soldier’s camp. One of these songs is “The A-Team,” released in 1966. It is another patriotic song that highlights the nobelty of the Green Berets, or sometimes called “A-Team.” The marching song in six-eight time was arranged by Whitcup. The poignant lyrics came from Bary Saddler himself together with Phyllis Fairbanks.

The lyrics commence:

“12 men strong and true 12 men fight for you on their heads a beret of green 12 men, invincible, the A-Team.”

Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler

Barry Sadler is a former combat medic with the United States Special Forces in Vietnam.

Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler Sings for the "A Team" 2
Staff Srgnt. Barry Sadler (remember911.albertarose.org/)

Sadler carries the definition of a Green Beret, who went through a lot of grueling training and bravely fought in an actual war. He was under the 7th Special Forces Group also called the Airborne. Having been equipped with various military skills, he served as a Special forces medic attached to both A-Team and MIKE Force. Sandler suffered from injuries in one of the combats. He was honored with the Purple Heart, the National Defense Medal, and the Vietnam Service Medal. While he was recovering, he have been writing songs and later on recorded them. He then began to appear on televisions and movies. Unfortunately, he died in a mysterious shooting in a Central American country. Though he left the world at a young age of 47, his music will continue to live in our hearts.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is one of the anti-social event that left this world pain, loss, and a memory of terror. Millions of the nation’s money were spent for calibrated weapons that destroyed places and life itself. It was a war between the communist regime of the North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Both parties have their own allies and United States was for South Vietnam. The US involvement in the war was condemned by the citizens. To everyone’s relief, the divisive war ended in 1973. Vietnam finally unified as one nation . The war caused the death of 3 million people, including 58,000 Americans.

Here’s a song that tells a story about the Vietnam War.

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