August 16

WATCH: Brad Paisley Debuts a Funny Song at the Jimmy Fallon Show

Grammy Award-winning country music singer-songwriter Brad Paisley is very much well-known for his eccentric sense of humor. Maybe, had he not pursued a career in country music, he may have gone big as a comedian. But well, he has balanced being a singer at the same time, a jester.

WATCH: Brad Paisley Debuts a Funny Song at the Jimmy Fallon Show 1
Brad Paisley on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon |Photo Credits:

On Thursday night, August 9, Paisley appeared on Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show bringing again some of his great music and humor. It all started when Fallon asked about the country singer’s whereabouts and what he is doing lately. The latter replied about him having his summer tour, as well as returning as a host together with Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards. While seated on the couch, Paisley could not help but to mention fellow country singer Blake Shelton and make fun of him. He explained that he and his band play dodgeball while on tour. Fallon immediately asked if Shelton had ever stopped by and joined a game.

In response, Paisley shared that Shelton had undergone a Tommy John surgery lately. Making fun of Shelton’s drinking, the West Virginia native poked fun at him while saying:

“Which is that thing that pitchers get. I don’t know what it was.”

After waves of laughter swarmed the studio, he then rendered Fallon a personally composed love ballad relating to his first love. Moreover, he even asked the TV host about his first romance and added that he’ll definitely relate to his song.

WATCH: Brad Paisley Debuts a Funny Song at the Jimmy Fallon Show 2
Brad Paisley debuts his unreleased love song, “First Cousins” at Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. |Photo Credits:

The singer then started out seriously picking his acoustic guitar in a slow, traditional melody. He solemnly started his song with the words:

“First date / First kiss / First taste of lovin’ / You were my first …”

Pausing for a dramatic effect, he continued to deliver the final word and said:


This drew laughter from the audience especially to Fallon himself. Paisley then continued to finish the first stanza with the lyrics:

“We got in big trouble / With your dad, my uncle / because you were my first/ and I’ll always be your first / and our children will be second cousins …”

It has drawn even more laughter as the country star ended his song which is entitled, “First Cousins.”

WATCH Brad Paisley and Jimmy Fallon as they talk about the country singer’s latest whereabouts. Also, Paisley performs his hilarious song called “First Cousins:”

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