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The Gift From Up Above: The Barbara Mandrell Story

The Gift From Up Above: The Barbara Mandrell Story 1

God truly moves in mysterious ways, on Christmas Day of 1948, he bestowed the world a girl who will move and inspire people. A gift from up above with a pure talent of singing and a supremacy to connect to the society. That particular present is Barbara Mandrell.

From the day she was born, Barbara Mandrell has been a lucky charm to her family. She grew up so talented that she even dominated the world with her angelic voice.

Barbara Mandrell is a singer, musician, and an actress. With this, she can be considered a multi-media star of her generation. Mandrell dominated the country music industry at the age of 13 and she still one of the best country artists up to these days.

Yes, Barbara Mandrell was sent from up above due to her power of moving people. She is an inspiration to all country music enthusiasts especially those who are dreaming the limelight. Moreover, she is truly a sweetheart to everyone.

It is not just the music industry that Mandrell penetrated but as well as television. In fact, from 1970 to 1980, she, along with her sisters conquered a series of TV shows. With this, she was deliberated as one of the most successful female vocalists. She was also inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2009. Furthermore, Mandrell is also a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Mandrell’s Younger Days…

At a very young age, Mandrell has practiced reading music and playing the accordion. She then became adept at playing steel guitar. With this, her father brought her to a music trade convention which captured the attention of Chet Akins and Joe Maphis. Afterwards, she became a featured performer in Maphis’ Las Vegas nightclub show, followed by tours with Red Foley, Tex Ritter, and Johnny Cash.

While growing up, Mandrell learned to play the pedal steel and lap steel guitars, and many other instruments, including the accordion, saxophone, and banjo.

At the age of 13, Mandrell toured around the globe with Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and George Jones.

A few years later, Mandrell and her sisters Louise and Irlene, as well as her parents, founded the Mandrell Family Band. They toured across the United States and Asia.

The Rising Of Mandrell…

Eager and Keen, Mandrell promised herself to be a country singer, a successful country singer. With this, she decided to move to Nashville to pursue her musical career. Her father was then her manager, and with his help, she signed with Columbia Records in 1969. Over the next few years, Mandrell had a few minor hits. Her producer at the time was Billy Sherrill, known for producing other well-known singers in country music such as Tammy Wynette, Charlie Rich, and Tanya Tucker.

Due to her talent, Mandrell actually received offers from 6 different companies. She chose Columbia Records which placed her to stardom. Moreover, her very first hit was “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”, a remake of Otis Redding classic. In 1970, Mandrell scored the first of many top 40 hits with “Playin’ Around With Love”. In the same year, she began playing with David Houston. Their partnership generated country charts success.

Then her success flourished. She recorded many more top charting songs and collaborated with other great country artists.

Mandrell’s Hard Work Pays Off…

Furthermore, Mandrell received numerous awards from different award-giving bodies. She is considered as one of the most successful female country singers to bag abundant awards and recognition. As a matter of fact, she was the first performer to consecutively, win the Country Music Association’s “Entertainer Of The Year” twice. Additionally, she won “Female Vocalist Of The Year” on Country Music Association in 1979 and 1981.

Barbara Mandrell And The Mandrell Sisters…

In 1980, Barbara Mandrell along with her sisters Louis and Irlene gulped the TV series with their show “Barbara Mandrell and The Mandrell Sisters”. Their show featured musical guests and comedy sketches. The show was one of the most successful TV programs in the 1980’s.

In addition, each broadcast has a touch of gospel song which led Barbara to produce her gospel album “He Set My Life To Music”.

Barbara Mandrell is truly one of the female country artists to be considered as the world’s greatest. With her work of art, she inspired most of us and her music moved people, too.


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