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The Time When Barbara Mandrell Feels Like A Boy

The Time When Barbara Mandrell Feels Like A Boy 1

Barbara Mandrell was, indeed, country when Country wasn’t cool and became the country music’s ultimate performer. Up to now, she is one of the most beautiful faces in the country music industry. Her sweet voice can touch the heart of every listener as well as her charismatic approach. In addition, Mandrell is one of the most iconic female country artists that is being admired then and now. With her pleasant temperament, there is a little bit of amusing side that makes her lovable. An instance was the time when she felt like a boy for a moment. It was funny that even the crowd went laughing.

The Event Where it Happened…

Most celebrities when receiving an award onstage thanks to the people who continuously support them as well as their family members. Some are serious about their speech and some are funny, too. But most of them are overwhelmed and don’t know what to say at all.

In 1982, Barbara Mandrell went on stage to receive her award as “Top Female Vocalist” on 17th Academy of Country Music Awards. At that time she was so beautiful wearing a white top and a black dress with white shimmering studs on her hair. On the other hand, the presenters at that particular affair were Bobby Bare and Charo. Charo then announced Barbara Mandrell as the winner. The crowd applauded while Mandrell walks to the stage.

Mandrell was so grateful to accept the award.  Furthermore, she thanked the academy and stated that they have been good to her. Additionally, she thanked her record producer and record label.

The Encounter Between Mandrell and Charo…

Then Mandrell told the audience her experience meeting Charo for the first time. She stated that they bumped into the aisle and she was so mesmerized by the beauty of Charo. Mandrell told the people that Charo was so gorgeous. She recalled both of them praising each other. When Charo walked away, Mandrell just stood up and realized she felt like a boy.

At the stage, Mandrell cracked she “felt like a boy” with her funny frowning face. Everyone in the crowd went laughing as well as Charo and Bobby Bare.

A Li’l Bit ‘Bout Charo…

María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, professionally known simply by her stage name Charo, is a Spanish-American actress, comedian, and flamenco guitarist.

Here is the video of Barbara Mandrell while accepting her award and her funny speech.

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